Remodeling Industry in Belarus

Officials stress that Belarus has set the development of electric transport as a national priority.

ОАО Borisovdrev is the symbol of infamous modernization /

DPM Uladzimir Dvornik reckons that the investments and upgrade have paid off. Is it really so?

Krichevcementnoshifer /

Belarus took almost $600 million of Chinese loans to upgrade the cement industry in 2015-2019 alone.

Photo: Reuters

The government also plans to upgrade the current Hrodna Azot plant, needs $400 million.


The enterprises have already absorbed over $1 billion in subsidies; cost Belarus $55 million more last year.

The President is going to visit Homnselmash and Spartak.

These are the results of the inspection conducted by the prosecutor's office of the Hrodna region.

Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makei praised the quality of Belarusian programmers on a visit to Hungary.

The President will listen to a report about the development and modernization of the confectionery.