Belarus launches mass production of drones for security forces

A Belarusian soldier with a drone /
A Belarusian soldier with a drone /

Belarus is trying to establish mass production of drones for law enforcement agencies. Some models will be modernized, others will be abandoned "due to economic inexpediency," said Dzmitry Pantus, chairman of the State Military-Industrial Committee (pictured below with the Defense Minister). On Monday, he took part in a meeting with Aliaksandr Lukashenka, where the products of the military-industrial complex were discussed and demand for a "higher level" of modern attack drones was pronounced.

Pantus recalled that last year Lukashenka saw models of domestic drones, including combat drones, at the Obuz-Lesnovo range. After that event, the priority models were determined. "Together with the Ministry of Defense and other military formations, we identified specific types of unmanned aerial vehicles that should be produced in Belarus and delivered to our security services," says the chairman of the committee. "... Today we focus on setting up the serial production of these types of drones".

Dzmitry Pantus did not say anything about the fact that Belarusian drones could be delivered to Russia.

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