Editor-in-chief of Economic Newspaper doubts sellers can get economic amnesty

Галоўрэд "Экономической газеты" сумняецца, што ІП дадуць эканамічную амністыю

Private entrepreneurs are unlikely to get economic amnesty for light industry goods imported earlier. Editor-in-chief of Economic Newspaper Leanid Frydkin said in the programme Editors’ Club on Belarus-1.

"They are not united and cannot organize mass protests and they cannot suggest any arguments in favour of their suggestions,” he stated.

By the way, the programme participants could not agree on the number for entrepreneurs who had resumed their work. 95% of Minsk entrepreneurs are working now, head for the Belarusian State Broadcasting Company Henadz Davydzka thinks. Editor-in-chief for SB. Belarus Today Pavel Yakubovich said that there were 90% of them. However, Leanid Frydkin thinks that the number is smaller.

Entrepreneurs are planning to gather in Minsk October Square this midday.