Dollar's rate repeats record of Br 9230


As a result, the dollar's rate has grown by Br 10, the euro's rate has also grown after several days of decrease - by Br 20, up to Br 12460. The Russian rouble's rate today is Br 285,5 (yesterday - Br 286).

On Monday, November 4, the dollar's rate grew by Br 20 up to Br 9220, the euro's rate dropped by Br 30 down to Br 12440, the Russian rouble's rate remained unchanged - Br 286 - as there were no trades on the rouble due to a day-off in Russia.

The dollar hit another maximum on Thursday, October 31 - it grew by Br 20 up to Br 9230 then.

More detailed information about the currency rates is available here.