Babruisk colony director finds out from journalists he's on 'black list'

On October 30, it became known that Director of Babruisk penal colony #2 Alyaksandr Kakunin and his Deputy Yury Trutko had been added to EU 'black list'. Kakunin declined a comment to the Euroradio correspondent.

Euroradio: Do you know that your name has been added to the list of persons banned from entering the EU member states?

Kakunin: No. Please address to the Department of Corrections for comments.

Euroradio: Could you please comment upon the EU's decision? We appreciate your opinion.

Kakunin: I won't tell anything, address to the Department's press-office.

The day before it became known that the European Union had prolonged the sanctions against the Belarusian officials for a year. The Council of the EU took the corresponding decision on October 29.

The official document of the Council of the EU with the 'black list' is available here.

In the photo: Alyaksandr Kakunin, photo by