HR defender Vyachaslau Dashkevich sentenced to 5 days of detention

Vyachaslau Dashkevich, Dzmitry Charnyak, Ihar Trukhanovich and Alyaksandr Charnahurski are standing trial in the Savetski district court.

Journalists Alyaksandr Yarashevich and Henadz Barbarych will also stand trial today - they were detained on Friday night near the Savetski district police department. Most likely, the journalists were doing their job trying to find out what happened to the people, detained at the "Chernobyl Way" action. The journalists are charged with "disobedience to the legal demands of the police".

Euroradio correspondent Artsyom Martynovich informs that video and photo equipment, as well as tablet PCs and laptops, are not allowed in the court hall.