Zmitser Dashkevich

Zmicier Dashkevich, Anatstasia Dashkevich, Pavek Sevyarynets in court / Euroradio​

A Belarus court finds the opposition activist guilty of violating the law on mass events by calling for a rally in Kurapaty.

Activists Dashkevich, Laurukhin and Minets walk out from the police station free but face a fine for violating the trade rules.

Screenshot from video

The political activist commented on the standoff on the Kurapaty memorial site in his evening video stream on 7 June.

Photo: Euroradio archives

The BNR’s anniversary should still be celebrated on March 25 no matter what, the activist thinks.

Zmitser Dashkevich. Photo: Eduard Palchys’s Facebook.

He has presented a scientific basis for the historic value of the white-red-white flag to officials.

Photo: Euroradio

“They kept me in prison for a month and now they say that I have committed no crime. It has never happened to me at KGB before."

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He has been released on recognizance.

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A female voice is heard presenting as police during live streaming when Dashkevich was being detained.


The opposition activist is punished for 'disobedience to the police' during an unauthorized rally on the New Year's eve.