Activist Zmicier Dashkevich fined $547

Zmicier Dashkevich, Anatstasia Dashkevich, Pavek Sevyarynets in court / Euroradio​

Minsk's Central District Court on Tuesday found Zmicier Dashkevich guilty of having violated the law on mass events by making calls during the 24 March Freedom Day concert in Kyiv Park to make a rally in Kurapaty, the memorial site where the victims of Stalinism mass purges were buried in the late 1930s. Dashkevich was detained right after his speech in front of his children and pregnant wife. The activist had been held behind bars since then.

Dashkevich said in court that he did not make calls to take part in a mass event but rather talked about a watch in Kurapaty. In his opinion, the police were offended by his other words.

The court proceedings were carried out in Belarusian.