Hello, it's police! Young Front leader detained live on-air

Courtesy photo

The leader of the Czeck Republic-registered organization Young Front Zmitser Dashkevich today was detained in Minsk. His detention could be observed live as the activist was streaming his movements across the city.


The police and agents in plain clothes had been hunting for the youth activist for several days. Another Kurapaty defender, Syarhei Palcheuski, was detained and jailed for three days earlier.

Dashkevich spent a few days indoors at home but had to go out on March 10. He needed to visit the Belarusian Popular Front headquarters and meet a law enforcement officer because his car was being distrained over the unpaid fines.

Dashkevich was walking along the street when he was attacked from behind. A woman announced: “Hello, it’s police!”.


Dashkevich will be delivered to Minsk's Pershamaiski District Court to stand a quick trial, the activist’s wife Nasta Dashekvich reckons.