Bus stop signs translated into Russian in “Lukashenka’s” region


The names of bus stops in Orsha District are getting replaced with Russian translations. The builders are removing the old metallic bus stops and replacing them with new ones made of stone. At the same time the Belarusian names of bus stops are getting replaced with Russian translations.

Bus stop plates are getting replaced along the roads leading to Balbasava and Kopys. Alyaksandr Lukashenka loves visiting Balbasava. He rode a bicycle there with his son Mikalai and officials in summer. Kopys is the Belarusian President’s home town.

У “лукашэнкаўскіх месцах” назвы прыпынкаў перакладаюць на рускую мову
A new bus stop / Photo: orsha.eu

Why is the Belarusian language getting removed from “Lukashenka’s regions”? Road Service #39 that is in charge of the repairs does not see any problem here, they told Euroradio:

“Our state language is Belarusian and Russian. We are replacing the old bus stops. What is the problem? Have people forgotten how to read in Russian? It is you who is indignant about the change. We have received no other complaints.”  

У “лукашэнкаўскіх месцах” назвы прыпынкаў перакладаюць на рускую мову
An old bus stop / Photo: orsha.eu

This is not the first time the Belarusian language is getting ousted from the system of public transport in Orsha. All announcements in the city public transport were changed to Russian seven years ago. More than 300 inhabitants of Orsha have asked to bring back Belarusian to the public transport this year. However, the bus fleet administration refused to use the mother tongue in buses ‘because we will soon unite with Russia”.

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