Raman Vasiukovich

Belarusian-Norwegian political consultations in Oslo on 28 January 2020 / mfa.gov.by

Belarus and Norway are set to negotiate the same treaties on visa facilitation and readmission as the ones with the EU.

Ryzskaja Street in Capajeuka  / Euroradio

Euroradio interviews a Roma baron's son about big houses, jealousy of the locals and treatment from the police.


“We are replacing the old bus stops with new ones. What’s the problem? Can’t you read in Russian?”

Evacuators / here and further photos by Raman Protasevich, Euroradio

Are Lithuanians really afraid of the explosion at BelNPP and think Belarus won't tell them anything? Read our report.


Explanations from the state-run youth union sound bizarre.


The Belarusian language has been removed from all spheres of life in Orsha and Orsha District, local activists say.

Screenshot from the ONT TV video / Pavel Belavus

Dai Darohu's front-man Yury Stylski wore a T-shirt with a national white-red-white flag during the Rok za Bobrov festival.