Broad money supply in Belarus dropped 2.2% in October

За кастрычнік шырокая грашовая маса ў Беларусі зменшылася на 2,2%

As of 1 November, the broad money supply in Belarus, which includes cash in circulation, funds from the public and businesses on bank accounts,  exceeded 316.6 trillion rubles, having decreased over the month by 2.2%, the National Bank reports.

The volume of cash in circulation in October fell to 14.7 trillion rubles, or 2.8%. The active ruble money supply, which includes cash in circulation and transferable deposits in national currency decreased in October by 7.3% and amounted to 40.6 trillion rubles.

The volume of securities issued by banks (outside bank circulation) in national currency in October 2015 fell to 1.4 trillion rubles, or 12.4%.