Belarusian state TV broadcasts 'pirated' AO video

"Belarus 5" and the "pirated" broadcast /
"Belarus 5" and the "pirated" broadcast /

On January 27, the television channel "Belarus 5" broadcast a "pirate" video of the semifinals of the Australian Open with Belarusian players Aryna Sabalenka and Victoria Azarenka. According to Pressball, the first broadcast began at noon, and the second was at 4 pm. In the latter case, the TV schedule included a hockey match that started only in the 2nd period after the tennis broadcast.

Eurosport holds the rights to broadcast the Australian Open in Europe, Austria's Servus TV and Switzerland's SSG. "Belarus 5 did not broadcast WTA tournaments this season. The schedule did not include the Australian Open.

The head of "Belarus 5," Pavel Bulatski, hung up the phone immediately after hearing the question from the Pressball correspondent about the AO broadcast. Meanwhile, propagandists are happy that "BT has started a parallel import of sports" and are already announcing a live broadcast of the final on Saturday morning on the same TV channel with Sabalenka playing. It looks like Belarus is also bending laws in the field of copyright.

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