Belarus marks Freedom Day

Сёння ў Беларусі адзначаецца Дзень Волі

On March 25, 1918, the state independence of Belarusian People's Republic was announced in Minsk. Belarusians in Belarus and foreign countries traditionally celebrate this day by organizing rallies with national white-red-white flags. This anniversary is not officially celebrated in Belarus.

Freedom Day was secretly celebrated in Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic, openly - in western Belarus and foreign countries. The tradition of celebration was restored during the Renaissance period in the late 1980s.

The authorities in Minsk did not authorize a rally to gather near the Academy of Sciences or in Kyiv Park. Only the remote location in Bangaklore Square was allowed. The organizers refused to gather at the remote location. People are expected to gather in central Minsk. In the buildup to Freedom Day, hundreads of activists were detained, stood trials and sentenced to days of arrest.

Сёння ў Беларусі адзначаецца Дзень Волі