Art happening “We are drawing Loshytsa” takes place in Minsk

An art happening “We are drawing Loshytsa” is taking place in Loshytsa Park in Minsk on August 2. The action is aimed at preserving the park and at drawing the public attention to the reconstruction planned by the authorities. The happening has been organized by an artist Nika Sandros. She gave an interview to BelaPAN and said that she had received the plan of the reconstruction and would like to preserve the park as it is: "We understand that the reconstruction of Loshytsa Park will mean that the existing buildings will be demolished to build their models. That is why we are trying to preserve this historic architectural park complex and everything connected with Loshytsa”, - said Nika Sandros. 
About 50 people participate in the action. Some of them are wearing 17th century costumes. The police are watching the action. N.Sandros has informed that the action is authorized and the police have nothing to accuse the participants of.