Armoured water-canons brought to Minsk for “non-freeloaders’ march”

Да "марша недармаедаў" на вуліцы Мінска вывелі браніраваныя вадамёты

The non-freeloaders march appointed for March 15 is allowed by Minsk authorities. The organizers and the authorities are getting ready for the action.

Armoured water-cannons have appeared in Minsk, reports. The vehicles are used during mass riots.  There are powerful water-cannons installed on top of each car and the front knives are used for removing barricade. reporters have noticed five such vehicles in the centre of Minsk. Two of them are parked in a yard in Independence Avenue.


The action will start near the Academy of Sciences at 5.30 p.m. Its participants will walk towards Bangalore Square.