Alexander Kozulin to see his grandson on his birthday in prison


Political prisoner Alexander Kozulin will have a long-term appointment with his family in a Vitsebsk prison on November 24-26. On Sunday, the former presidential contender and the leader of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Gramada) will mark his 52nd birthday anniversary. Professor's family is packing many present for him. According to youngest daughter Yulya Kozulina, the biggest present is that the political prisoner will meet the whole family.

 “The whole family is traveling. The mother, myself and my sister and grandson Uladzya whom the father has not seen since he go behind bars. Our care will be the second present. We are cooking various delicious home-made dishes... He doesn't have it there."

Yulya expressed hope that they would be allowed to bring in the home-made food, because it is allowed during long-term appointments. Apart from food, Kozulin's family will bring books and DVDs.

"Mainly, the books are detective stories, because the father is collecting a library there in the colony. We have already passed over some 300 books, and now we are taking along some 50 books more. There is a DVD player there, but the movies are mainly for the other inmates. The father does not have time for DVDs. He does not watch them".