Young professionals live in bad conditions with low salaries in Belarus villages

Размеркаваны ў калгас: Частку заробку даюць каўбасой, святло адключылі за даўгі

After the Agrarian Technical University, Ivan was assigned to the farm in the Braslau district. he has had no light at the workplace for a year: it was disconnected for non-payments. He receives part of the salary in sausage and milk.

Ivan: "I graduated from the Belarusian Agrarian Technical University, studied to be an economist manager in the field of agriculture. I had three options for assignment jobs. I chose this option. I was promised 3.8 million and a place to live. We agreed that it would be a private house.

The house is made of relatively large logs. Before me, there lived a person, we got settled all the three of us. All the guys wree assigned their jobs. Now we sleep in clothes, because it is impossible to heat the house completely. It is heated by a stove. We get water from the well.


The house Ivan got allocated at the new job

I was old at once that in the winter wages are lower. The first month I received 2.7 million. Then for two months I received the entire salary. For the last two months, I have had almost no salary. This month I got 550,000 in cash, the rest came in stuff. A certain amount is paid in sausage, I get a list for the store where I am given food products. But there is not much opportunity to spend money. It is enough for some minor things, when I come home.

We have been working in the office for a year without electricity, it was cut off for nonpayment. So when we come to work, we turn on a generator. The problem in the agriculture is almost the same everywhere. I could move closer to Minsk, or closer to home. But, in fact, there are no jobs."


Room of the recently assigbed economist

Every year more than a hundred specialists get assigned to the Braslau area.

"It happens that they get paid part of the salary in food products. But I recently discussed it with a Ukrainian girl who said that i is nice to get food products. After the assignment 80% remain in the educational sphere, and 50% in agriculture. The young people leave of course. But it happens that young people from the city remain," said a representative of the Braslau district executive committee to the Euroradio.

In 2015, according to the Belstat, twenty thousand people were assigned jobs after university. Of these, 18 thousand people got employed at their first job.