Yarmoshyna would like to read a novel by Hemingway in a Paris café

ERB has found out what countries Belarusian officials from the list of persona non grata would like to visit if Europe cancelled the list. The European Parliament may abolish the list of persona non grata composed of Belarusian officials after the elections of deputies of the House of Representatives of the 4th convocation. ERB has decided to find out what countries these people would like to visit first.

The head of the Central Election Commission Lidziya Yarmoshyna has confessed to ERB that she is bored with Turkey and Egypt and is looking forward a possibility to visit Europe.

Lidziya Yarmoshyna: “I no not even dare to believe in the possibility of such a surprise. If it happens, I will be able to choose my destination carefully next year”.

She already knows where she would like to go and what she will chose.

Lidziya Yarmoshyna: “Of course, it is Paris and Venice, and it will surely be Spain in autumn. I dream about it. I am an educated girl, you know, so I am interested in museums and visiting them is the most important thing for me. In fact, I think that feeling the spirit of the place you are in is essential. I would like to have an opportunity to wander across streets, enter cafes and maybe reading Hemingway’s “Holiday Always with You”. He wrote about Paris in it and it may help feel the spirit of the place”.

A deputy of the House of Representatives of the 3rd convocation Syarhei Kastsayn does not want to spend vacations in Europe. However, he would visit Czechia and Serbia if the ban on visits to the European Union member states was lifted.

Syarhei Kastsayn: “I have never indented to spend vacations in Europe and I have never dreamt about it because I like spending vacations in Belarus. However, I would really like to visit two European countries – Czechia, the country hosting the centre of the International Slavonic committee, and Serbia – to see what has changed there since I visited it 5 years ago”.

As ERB has found out, Kastsyan has been invited to pay working visits to Czechia and Serbia. A meeting of the International Slavonic committee will take place in Prague in February 2009. The local radical party has also invited him to Serbia as the head of the Slavonic Parliamentary Union. That is why he is hoping that the ban will be lifted by the New Year’s Day so that he could prepare all the necessary documents.

The secretary of the Central Election Commission Mikalai Lazavik does not want to spend vacations in Europe either. He says he has had a wonderful time in a Belarusian health centre “Baravoye” this year. But he is offended because the banishment prevented him from visiting numerous international conferences.

Mikalai Lazavik: “The sanctions prevented me from visiting numerous conferences organized by the OSCE and the Association of election organizers in European countries where issues of development of the election process and its democratizations were discussed”.

A judge of Moscow District Court of Minsk Nadzeya Ravutskaya is still on the list although she has not been working for several years – she is on maternity leave. At the same time, a judge of Central District Court of Minsk Leanid Yasinovuch is still serving Themis. He refused to comment on the possibility of cancellation of the sanctions. The head of Homel, Hrodna and Minsk regional election commissions Uladzimir Mihasyou, Leanid Luchyna and Ihar Karenka are also on the list for their “good work”. They are not responsible for the elections this year. However they are on the list for their past services.

The acting Senator of the Council of the Republic Mikalai Charhinets has confessed that the sanctions have not influenced his work in any way – he visited European countries before and after the banishment.

Mikalai Charhinets: “I go to Europe when I need it. They have their lists but we work with them when they cannot do without us. I have been to all countries of the world. I visited Paris 10 or 15 times last year. I am not interested in spending vacations in Europe”.

However, the writer is offended with the very fact of being on the list.

Mikalai Charhinets: “Who dares accuse me of falsification of election results?! I am not a member of the Central Election Commission and I have not taken part in the canvassing! The only thing they punished me for was my will and the fact that I voted for Lukashenka as an elector”.

The head of the staff department of Brest Region Executive Committee Alyaksandr Kalyada is also waiting for the cancellation of the sanctions. There are countries he has been dreaming to visit for a long time.

Alyaksandr Kalyada: “I am interested in London. I fact, I am really interested in England. It radiates the spirit of solidity and old days. Germany also interests me. I love order and I like Germans’ love of order. However, it is hard to call Germany a German country now because of the domination of people of other nationalities. Nevertheless, it interests me”.

The TV Senator Alyaksandr Zimouski does not care about tourist destinations that may become available after the cancellation of the sanctions either.

Alyaksandr Zimouski: “There are not many EU countries I have never been to. Even if we take the sanctions into account. I have not been to Spain. I have been to practically all capitals of the Old Europe including Paris and Berlin”.

It is not clear whether the European Parliament will “amnesty” Belarusian officials who are on the black list. It is also not clear whether the list will be annulled on the whole or every person on the list will be discussed individually. The most interesting thing will be the future of one person of that list – the main Belarusian official – Alyaksandr Lukashenka.