We are Europe, we should speak Belarusian, footballer says

Mikalai Yanush / instagram.com/mikalaiyanush
Mikalai Yanush / instagram.com/mikalaiyanush

The Isloch striker Mikalai Yanush recently spoke about the situation with the Belarusian language on YouTube channel MelkazeRaw.

"I respect people for knowing their language," said the footballer. "...We are Europe. We should speak our own language".

Yanush recalled that foreign athletes are often surprised that Belarusians speak Russian. And that hurt him.

"I have a sturdy frame that supports me," says Yanush. "I want people to understand me more. We are Belarusians, we should be Belarusians."

Mikalai Yanush has previously spoken positively about the Belarusian language, used it in his interviews, including in his Instagram account. He is also interested in national history. In an interview, the footballer said that Grand Duchy of Lithuania was a prototype of the current Belarusian state.