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Drug pushing channel on Telegram finally closes after media attention

Euroradio/ Alyaksei Karpeka

Many sleeping districts of Minsk have houses painted with advertising for telegram channels used for selling drugs. On March 24, one of these stores, which was had more than 1,000 people signed to it, closed.

"The store is closed. Thank you all for being with us, please no flooding in PM, we know nothing,” reads the message fixed in the chat for the communication of sellers and buyers.

The chat participants asked each other what types of drugs and where they could purchase, talked about their condition under the influence of psychotropes, posted photos of drug drop offs. You can no longer write to the chat, but you can still join it using the invitation link.

Advertising of this telegram channel can be seen on many streets of Minsk, including in the Malinauka district. The journalists of Euroradio recently decided to paint it over, but the public utilities services got ahead of them.

On March 15, Euroradio sent a request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs asking the department about their actions regarding the drug traffickers using this telegram channel. We have not received an answer yet, but the drug store has been closed. Hopefully, this has to do with the activities of drug control officers showing their ability to fight not only individual drop offs but also drug supply channels to Belarus. And even if the telegram channel was closed without the participation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it is still good.