Article 328

Minsk Central District Court has made the corresponding decision.

Жартоўная акцыя прысвечана “ўсім памерлым ад канабіса”.

The woman has managed to report that she is suspected of insulting an official.

Kaneuskaya : “The Council of Ministers will either approve the amendments or they will remain in the House of Representatives."

The women from the Mothers 328 pressure group seek to make MPs consider the changes in the drugs-related Article 328.

Several days ago, Euroradio filed an inquiry with the Ministry of the Interior about this notorious online drug dealer.

Maksim Rudzko was imprisoned 6 months ago. He hoped to be amnestied but was recently reprimanded.

The mothers of the imprisoned youth convicted for drugs demand to soften the punishment and target drug lords not young users.

Maryna Matsulevich has spent the night in front of the detention centre in central Minsk.