Young man imprisoned for drug-related crime commits suicide

A young man imprisoned for the violation of article 328 of the Criminal Code (drug-related crimes) has committed suicide. His name was Maksim Rudzko. He was imprisoned 6 months ago – in the middle of September 2018.

The tragedy occurred on the morning of March 8 when the prisoners were about went out of their cells for breakfast. Maxim Rudzko hid in a utility services room. His body was found there later, the human rights website Platform reports.

A member of the Mothers’ Movement 328 struggling for the rights of people convicted for the violation of article 328 has confirmed the information about the suicide to Euroradio:

“A boy has died in colony #22. His mother lives in Minsk. I know that she has taken away his body – he will be buried today, on March 11. The woman has refused from assistance and is organizing the funeral on her own.”

Maksim Rudzko was imprisoned for 8.5 years in August 2018. He was returned guilty of the violation of part 3 of article 328 of the Criminal Code.

The young man was registered on the list of prisoners prone to suicide when he arrived at the colony in the middle for September, Platform reports. Rudzko hardly ever communicated with the other prisoners and did not violate the prison rules. He expected to be amnestied and to start a new life. However, the head of Maxim’s prison troop was replaced not long ago. The new head immediately pronounced a warning to the prisoner for not shaving properly. Warnings can prevent prisoners from being amnestied.

The administration of colony #22 has refused to comment on the information and advised sending an official request to the press service of the Punishment Execution Department.