Tajikistani oppositionist gets detained in Belarus, facing extradition

Farhod Adinayev / tajinfo.org
Farhod Adinayev / tajinfo.org

Farhod Adynayev’s arrest was demanded by the Tajikistani authorities, human rights defenders say. He is facing extradition to Dushanbe. 

Adynayev was detained at Belarus-Lithuania border on September, Human Constanta laywer Nasta Loika reports. The Tajikistani authorities announced him wanted on suspicion of connection with an organization forbidden in the country. The 42-year-old oppositionist used to be a member of the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan forbidden since 2015.

Adynayev is in a detention center in Smarhon now. “We are keeping an eye on the situation and trying to defend his rights so that he would not get tortured. We are anxious about the fact that he may be sent to Russia. Tajikistan is a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and it may be able to initiate his extradition. This is a huge threat for the oppositionist. It is essential to make sure that he is kept in such conditions where his rights are not violated,” the human rights defender explained.

Adynayev was heading the Tajikistani opposition TV channel Safo TV in Moscow for several months in 2013. However, the Russian authorities closed the channel down that year. Adynayev was heading for Warsaw to take part in the OSCE human rights conference on September 25.

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