Supreme Council considering non-confidence issue, PM not there

People started gathering near the parliament building since morning, a column from the Maidan of Independence - the epicenter of protests - has arrived recently. Riot police blocked all approaches to the building. There was an information that Prime Minister Mykola Azarov couldn't get into the parliament building. They say in the Supreme Council that he is "afraid of the people who can turn his car upside down".

Euroradio correspondent Ales Piletski reports on the spot (listen to the attached file) that the multi-thousand demonstration is continued near the parliament building - opposition politicians, members of parliament are making speeches. The people intend to stay there till the end - till the government is dismissed, although they don't believe it will happen that fast.

Meanwhile it became known that David Zhvalia and Inna Boguslavska left the pro-authoritative Party of the Regions.

Photo -, Ukrainskaya Pravda