Supporters of Charlie Hebdo to stand trial in Minsk

Members of the picket in support of Charlie Hebdo will stand trial in Minsk. Terrorists killed members of the staff of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on Paris. Solidarity actions were held in many countries. The March of Unity attracted millions of people in Paris. Four people a came to the French Embassy in Minsk on January 11. They were holding sheets of paper with the inscription JE SUIS CHARLIE.

They will stand trial now, one of the participants of that solidity action, United Civil Party leader Anatol Lyabedzka, wrote on Facebook on the morning of January 22.

Lyabedzka: “What are they to blame for? For their solidarity with millions of people who came to French city streets on January 11. For 30 minutes of waiting for the police bus to arrive, for the poster JE SUIS CHARLIE near the French Embassy to Minsk. For sympathy! For self-respect!

Timid and insincere, they did not arrest us on that day. They decided to wait for more events to happen after the March of Unity in Paris and crawled out like spiders. They do not care about the murdered journalists and policemen shot down point-blank. They only fear that 400 thousand people may come instead of only 4 next time. Then there will be a real right to make a choice. Even timid judges and narrow-minded members of special police troops will be able to use the right.”

Photo: Novy Chas, Belarusian Partisan