"Spy" Haidukou's letter to CIA published

Andrei Haidukou was arrested on November 8, 2012. He stayed in custody in the KGB prison. The trial took place in June-July in Vitsebsk. Initially, he was accused under two articles that deal with "crime attempt" and "treason". Haidukou faced from 7 to 15 years of imprisonment. However, the charges were changed.

Since the trial was held behind the closed doors, there was not enough information about the case. Today's newspaper SB. Belarus Today published the letter that Andrei Haidukou had allegedly passed to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) via his friend on his way to Germany. The contents of the letter became known to the Belarusian KGB.

In the letter, Haidukou introduces himself as a member of an unregistered youth organization "Young Intellectuals' Union". He tells about the organization's goals and informs that "the opposition is ruined" and "its leaders have no people's trust; they only distribute financial aid" that comes from the US and Europe "for the struggle against dictatorship and for the development of democracy", "inappropriately and not effectively."

Andrei Haidukou writes in the letter that his organization plans to conduct "informational political actions" which will lead to "the downfall of dictatorship" in the end. He asks for "consultations" and "advice" along with financial aid. He also suggests various passwords and key phrases to be used in communication with secret agents.

SB.Belarus Today claims that the CIA received the Belarusian's letter but refused to establish a contact with him.