Andrei Haidukou

Trial of the activist was held on Tuesday in Polatsk.

He is accused of organizing an unauthorized mass action.

Former prisoner of KGB jail Andrei Haidukou was detained when distributing leaflets about political prisoners.

Ex-political prisoner gets accused of unauthorized distribution of printed materials.

The state security agency KGB bans activist and former political prisoner Andrei Haidukou from leaving the country.

The administration of the colony Vitsba-3 has done everything to prevent people from welcoming Haidukou near the prison gate.

The political prisoner was allowed to meet with his mother before transporrtation to colony # 19.

Andrei Haidukou was held in a Vitsebsk detention center, before transfer to a prison in Mahilou.

Prosecutor's office in Minsk orders the police to follow up on NGO's appeal over the legal procedures breach by Belarus Today journalist.