US-based singer photoshops herself to Lukashenka to win Eurovision for Belarus

Мariah Gregory and Alyaksandr Lukashenka. Screenshot from the singer’s Eurovision promo

Singer Мariah Gregory is going to participate in the national selection tour Eurvision-2019 in Belarus. She has already released the promo I Still Love You where she is shown singing in the wild and walking together with Alyaksandr Lukashenka near the Independence Palace.

"This is a spiritual impulse,” Mariah’s producer Fyodar Pushachnikau told Euroradio. “She has a dream – she would like to meet with Alyaksandr Lukashenka and is hoping that it will be possible after her victory in the contest”.  

Mariah Gregory’s real name is Marine Grigoryan. She graduated from Gnessin Russian Academy of Music, the producer said. The singer is recording an album in the United States and is hoping to be nominated for the Grammy Awards.

"Sergei Penkin invited her to his school last year – she is a teacher of singing there now. Marine lives in two countries. She is also working on her new album that will be nominated for the Grammy Awards in 2020. The singer has recently recoded a soundtrack for a legendary spy film that will soon be out,” the producer continued.

Belarus is not terra incognita for Mariah, Fyodor added. The singers’ relatives live here. She has been to Belarus and was fascinated by its people and cultural legacy.

"She has expressed a desire to represent Belarus and win this year. This song and singer do deserve to win, competent music critics think. Mariah is hoping that Belarus will become her second or even first home after her victory at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.”

Marine was brought up on Yanka Kupala’s works and Syabry’s songs, Fyodor affirmed.

"The whole world is proud of such composers as Eduard Hanok and Ihar Luchanok! We will definitely record a few songs in Belarusian!” the producer promised. He also mentioned his Belarusian origin.

Interestingly, Mariah Gregory was asked which country she would represent in the comments to her video I Still Love You on Youtube. She would like to represent Russia but has not made her choice yet, the singer replied. Then she was told that Belarus had an open selection tour and was accepting foreign singers. Marine agreed with it. Alyaksandr Lukashenka appeared in her promo after that.

Screenshot: Youtube

Above all, she has been officially chosen to represent Belarus at Eurovision-2019, Mariah stated in the comments to the video.

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