Interior minister admits police were wrong in Matskevich’s case

Шуневіч — пра справу Мацкевіча: Супрацоўнікі міліцыі дапусцілі памылку

The policemen accused the philosopher of participating in an unauthorized meeting in Minsk on February 15 despite the fact he had been abroad on that very day. Minister of Internal Affairs Ihar Shunevich has commented on the incident.

Shunevch said he is aware of the case. “We will investigate it. I can tell you that the policemen made a mistake. They mistook another person for Matskevich because they looked alike. I have checked it personally.”

The policemen’s actions will be accessed when the investigation is over, the Minister added. However, it is clear that they made a mistake, Shunevich noted.

Па словах Шуневіча, дзеянням супрацоўнікаў міліцыі будзе дадзена ацэнка па выніках расследавання. Аднак ужо цяпер відавочна, што яны не мелі рацыі, што здарылася памылка, адзначыў міністр.