Russian paratroopers: Stop sending our men to Ukraine (video)

Russian paratroopers say that they did not know where they were going and why, Ukrainian Pravda reports. Paratrooper Milchakov said that they were used as ‘cannon fodder’ in Ukraine and that Russian people ‘were being given bullshit’.

They were told that they were going to take part in a military exercise, Smirnov said. He understood that they were in Ukraine only when he saw a Ukrainian tank.

The officers told them that they were going to Rostov, corporal Romantsev claimed. When they arrived, they were ordered to paint over the identification marks and draw white circles on their APCs.

Sergeant Alexei Generalov: “Please, stop sending our men there (to Ukraine). Don’t. Why? This is not our war. But for us, there would be nothing here. They would have solved their state problems themselves.”