Kanavalau and Kavalyou executed (document)

Kavalyou might have been executed on the day when Belarus Television reported that Lukashenka rejected his appeal for pardon, as on the next morning his lawyer Stanislau Abrazei was informed that Kavalyou had been transferred from the KGB prison where he had stayed for the whole time.

See the video which the lawyer wasn't allowed to demonstrate in court!

Kavalyou's mother and sister met with him on March 11 in prison, and on March 14 it became known that he hadn't been pardoned.

It is worth mentioning that the complaint filed by Uladzislau Kavalyou's relatives is under consideration in the United Nations' Human Rights Committee. The Committee asked the Belarusian authorities not to execute the death sentence until the complaint is considered. Human rights defender Lyudmila Hraznova thinks that this may cause another scandal.

"I think that this may cause another scandal. They shoot people while the Committee is considering the complaint in order to provoke the conflict situation. The only thing is, who needs this?" — Hraznova says.

Kavalyou's lawyer also filed a supervisory appeal to the Supreme Court several days ago.

The last persons executed when their appeals were in the UNO's Human Rights Committee were Hryshkautsou and Burdyka from Hrodna. The sentences were executed when the Committee was considering their appeals.

Dzmitry Kanavalau has also been executed, according to the information provided by the portal TUT.by.

The terrorist act in Minsk metro happened on April 11, 2011. 15 people died, hundreds were injured. Dzmitry Kanavalau was the main defendant in this case. The court considered that he had made an explosive device, brought it to the metro and activated it. Uladzislau Kavalyou, according to the court's information, knew about the preparation to the terrorist act but did not report it to the police. The investigation also accused both defendants of the blasts in Minsk in 2008 and in Vitsebsk in 2005, when dozens of people were injured.

Both convicts partially admitted guilt, but Kavalyou stated later that he had incriminated himself under pressure. After the death sentence was pronounced he filed an appeal for pardon.