Loreen to Belarusians: Freedom always lies within your heart

Euroradio journalists met the winner of Eurovision-2012 in Stockholm. Swedish singer Loreen made a speech at the closing ceremony of the conference “Human rights defenders’ days”.

The singer gave an autograph to all Belarusians with the help of Euroradio:

“Freedom always lies within your heart. Nobody can take that away. All love to you / Loreen”.


Loreen came to Minsk in June 2012. She wanted to meet Natallya Pinchuk, the wife of imprisoned head of the human rights centre Viasna Ales Byalyatski. The singer was interested in the human rights situation in Belarus, political prisoners’ living conditions, “silent protests” and the work of Viasna.

In the photo: Loreen in Ales Byalyatski T-shirt.