Ksyusha Dzyahelka: I have a miniskirt but I hput it on long ago!

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The lyrics and information about Ksyusha Dzyahelkasee here.

Ringtones of “I’m from the country”here.

Euroradio has got acquainted with Ksyusha Dzyahelka – the schoolgirl from the village of October who has blown up the whole Bynet by the video “I’m from the village”. Ksyusha has answered all our questions without hesitation.

Ksyusha Dzyahelka: “I’m going to take the video to the contest “I’m a leader” in Mazyr on April 25. We made this video for the contest. The author of the lyrics is Andrei Pauk, I do not remember his patronymic name. He is in charge of a hobby group in the House of Children’s Art. We shot the video there”.

The girl has not considered the possibility of taking part in children’s Eurovision so far. However, she has promised to think about it now, when the clip is available on the Internet. By the way, Ksyusha does not know who has made her a Bynet star:

“It must be some member of the hobby group. I did not upload it”.

Ksyusha urges to ban cigarettes, alcohol and miniskirts in her song “I’m from the country”.

“I have never tried smoking. There are some classmates who smoke but it seems disgusting to me, - explains Ksyusha. – I have a miniskirt but I put it on long ago. It’s in the wardrobe now and I almost forgot about it. I have my own principles! I prefer medium skirts and dresses and I buy all my clothes with Mum”.

The girl’s hobby is music and drawing.

Ksyusha Dzyahelka: “Speaking about Belarusian singers, I like Iryna Darafeyeva most. And the foreign ones… I listen to music if I like it. I paint everything I like. I even have oils I painted at home. I have not tried playing musical instruments yet. But there are classmates I’m going to sing with and we may try playing there too”.

New posts are appearing on the girl’s page on VKontakte every minute. It is written that Ksyusha can speak both Russian and Belarusian. Euroradio has asked her to recite a verse in Belarusian:

“To tell you the truth, I can’t think of any Belarusian verses now… Well, I cannot say that I have a good command of Belarusian. But I can speak the language”.