IV Congress of Belarusian Diaspora begins in Tallinn (ONLINE)

Day 3, 15.09.2011, 15:05. Belarusians met with Estonian MP, PACE Special Rapporteur on Belarus Andres Herkel. They discussed such issues as political prisoners' release, reports on situation in Belarus, freedom of press, abolishment of death penalty, anti-semitism of the Belarusian authorities etc.


Ales Mihalevich has told about the plans of working with the Belarusian diaspora in the Czech Republic, where there are about 1 000 Belarusians only in Prague. He has also told about the idea to organize the concert of "Lyapis Trubtskoy", and Belarusian trips as there is an opportunity to provide free accommodation for Belarusians in Prague (and there is a chance that such opportunities may appear in other European cities as well), suggested an idea of trips for children and contests with journeys as prizes.


Pavel Marynich: "We are Belarusians and we should live in our own country, and all important decisions should be taken in the country..." "Belarusians think about the needs of their refrigerators more and more often..."


Ales Zarembiuk: "We have founded the Belarusian House in Warsaw and our aim is to unite all Belarusians of Poland"


Andrei Abozau: "There are two types of immigration in Belarus: "sausage immigration" and immigration due to political reasons. Soon there will be just Lukashenka, policemen and pensioners, in Belarus."


Speakers: Ales Zarembiuk, Pavel Marynich, Ales Mihalevich, Pavel Marozau, Andrei Abozau.

Day 2, 14.09.2011, 11:05. The first discussion was dedicated to economic and social-political conditions in the current Belarus.

Experts: Natallia Leshchanka (INSTID), Syarhei Chaly, Victar Malisheuski, Yakau Gutman.

The organizers have planned an interesting programme for the next 4 days: a working session in the Estonian Parliament and the discussion of the situation in the country after the last election, of the new wave of political emigrants and joint projects. Euroradio will be covering the most interesting events and discussions of the Congress.

Let us note that such famous civil activists as Ales Mihalevich, Syarhei Chaly, Victar Malisheuski, Natallya Radzina, Ales Zarembyuk, Pavel Marynich and others are present at the Congress. Keep watching the updates.