Tina Sikorskaya

We have asked you to show us your New Year's and Christmas trees in social networks.

The Russian fans got together before the game Russia-Poland in center of Warsaw in order to say it loud that "they have come to win".

Twitter exploded with a discussion of the Belarusian representatives in the semifinal of “Eurovision” after the yesterday’s performance of the band Litesound.

The band arrived in Poland for the first time and generated public excitement by a free concert in the Polish capital.

48 hours of discounts has been launched in the Polish “LOT”. The action will last twice as longer than usual.

A representative of the company claimed it during the world Internet Forum in Stockholm.

Minsk City Executive Committee is conducting a social poster contest. You can join to assess the participants’ creativity.

A festive Christmas fair of designer gifts "SANTA FACTORY" has opened in Minsk.

The election in Egypt goes on, although not as vividly as on November 28-29. The Freedom and Justice Party (also known as Muslim Brotherhood) leads.