Aleh Hnedchyk: We will struggle for release of other political prisoners

Democratic activist Aleh Hnedchyk was released yesterday evening. He has described his first impressions at liberty to Euroradio.
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Hnedchyk: “I am starting to get used to the new rhythm of life. Of course, it is unexpected as I thought it would begin much later but it has started earlier. Of course, I am happy”.

He says that his friends are still in jail and ex-presidential candidate Mikalai Statkevich is among them. “We will struggle for their speedy release”, - said Hnedchyk.
Let us remind you that the state leader pardoned four Square convicts yesterday: Ales Kirkevich, Andrei Pratasenya, Dzmitry Daronin and Aleh Hnedchyk.