Putin’s press secretary: Decision about Russian air base in Belarus not made yet

Прэс-сакратар Пуціна: Па расійскай авіябазе ў Беларусі канкрэтыкі пакуль няма

Belarus and Russia have not agreed on the deployment of a Russian air base in our country yet. The issue will be discussed in the framework of military and technical cooperation of the two states.


Dmitry Peskov’s statement was reported by ria.ru.

Vladimir Putin ordered to sign the agreement on the deployment of a Russian air base in Belarus in the middle of September. However, official Minsk is taking its time. There is no need to discuss the deployment of such a military base in Belarus, Belarusian Foreign Minister Uladzimir Makei told Russian journalists on October 27. The air base would not decrease the military and political tension in the region, he believes.

Peskov commented on Makei’s statement: “I cannot say anything about it now. We have a large-scale agenda as regards military and technical cooperation and defence. These issues will be discussed in some form. I cannot say more at the moment.”

Photo: ria.ru