Prakopyeu, Sakhashchyk and Yahorau on tour. Soon in your city

Prakopyeu proposed to create a "mafia", Sakhashchyk and Yahorau are not against it. What is happening? / Euroradio

Prakopyeu proposed to create a "mafia", Sakhashchyk and Yahorau are not against it. What is happening? / Euroradio / Euroradio

The 2020 elections were supposed to be the most boring in the history of Belarus. And then came the triumvirate. And you remember what happened next. 

Although, not exactly like that. The most boring in Belarusian history should have been the elections to the third convocation of the Coordinating Council. And then, you won't believe it, the triumvirate appeared.

Vadzim Prakopyeu, Valery Sakhashchyk and Andrei Yahorau are holding a series of meetings with the Belarusian diaspora abroad. In short, they offer those who come to the meetings to unite and create a "power center". That is, a community of Belarusians with horizontal ties and transparent accountability. A kind of "Belarusian mafia", but without crime and shootings, but with taxes and elections. For those who do not like the word "mafia", Prakopyeu suggests the term "Diaspora United" (another term can be invented).

Прокопьев, Сахащик и Егоров поехали в турне. Скоро и в твоём городе (серьёзно)
Valery Sakhashchyk, Vadzim Prakopyeu and Andrey Yahorau / Euroradio

We'll try to explain as briefly as possible what's going on. Here is a summary of the meeting that took place the day before in Warsaw.

A window of opportunity. For example, another "Prigozhin" goes to take the Kremlin - and a window of opportunity opens for Belarus. Are the Democrats ready for it? Prakopyeu does not think so (everyone will read telegram channels frantically and not understand what will happen next). Because it may look as apathy.

People are angry. No, like this: Belarusians in Belarus are angry about it. If Prakopyeu were in Belarus, it would make him angry: at least three hundred thousand people in apathy. That's why we have to do something.

"Our movement has reached a dead end. With the existing leadership, we are miss at least four windows of opportunity. I see the way out of the impasse in the joint efforts of at least 350 thousand emigrated Belarusians," says Prakopyeu.

Elections. And for a start, you can take part in the elections to the Coordinating Council. At least not to complain that no one represents you in it anymore - cheer up and choose your own candidate (or even nominate yourself).

Another reason to participate in the elections from Yahorau: "It will make the regime nervous. Because the regime is much happier with an apathetic diaspora".

Money. More specifically, taxes. If Belarusians in emigration have their own small budget, they don't need to organize solidarity marathons once a year. They can always take money from the budget to help the families of political prisoners.

Diaspora. The Diaspora should eventually form something like a corporation or a trade union.

"Diaspora United Corporation. With a supervisory board, proper election procedures, financial cleanliness and transparency - from day one. Not as some have demonstrated. We are talking about a mass idea - not a thousand, but a hundred thousand Belarusians," Prakopyeu adds.

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