Valer Sakhashchyk speaks about volunteers captured by Russians

Valer Sakhashchyk

Valer Sakhashchyk

Ukraine remembers the Belarusian volunteers who are in Russian captivity, says Valer Sakhashchyk, a representative of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya's Сabinet, in a conversation with Euroradio. He has personally repeatedly approached those responsible for solving this problem.

"And I received the answer: this is a very delicate issue. The Belarusians who are in captivity were and are servicemen of the Ukrainian armed forces. The Ukrainian state is working for their release. Sooner or later the result will be that they will be released. But when is difficult to predict, because at the moment there are thousands of Ukrainian servicemen in captivity as well," Sakhashchнk explains.

The Cabinet has no way of influencing the timing of the Belarusians' release.

At least two Belarusian volunteers are known to have been captured during the fighting in Ukraine. They are Siarhey "Kleshch" Dzyahtsiou and Yan "Trombley" Dzyurbeika. 

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