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Pavel Sevyarynets jailed for 10 days

Pavel Sevyarynets, his wife Volha and son Francisak in court. Photo: social networks

The Minsk District Court sentenced co-leader of the Belarusian Christian Democracy organizing committee Pavel Sevyarynets to 10 days of arrest.

The both of two witnesses (police officers) explained the violation committed by the detained politician: “The citizen was giving an interview to journalists in Belarusian.” Tatstsyana Ulasenka reported on Facebook.

Judge A.Karpachou turned away Sevyarynets’ wife Volha and 5-month-old son Francisak, she noted. The judge announced the hearing could do mental harm to the baby.

Pavel Sevyarynets, an active Kurapaty defender, was detained not far from the memorial on 5 September.

Sevyarynets had planned to organize a mass action in Kurapaty on 9 September. He wanted to make a decision about the future of the Kurapaty watch. The activist will not be able to take part in the action now.