Pavel Seviarynets

Pavel Sevyarynets/ Euroradio

Pavel Sevyarynets says he deliberately did not pay membership fees in protest to Belarusian PEN's pro-LGBT stance.

Pavel Sevyarynets’ arrest, April 5 /

The opposition politician was detained on Friday when he was trying to talk to the workers removing the crosses around Kurapaty.

Photo: Pavel Sevyarynets’ Facebook

Activist Pavel Sevyarynets says more than a dozen crosses were brought down and it looks like a test provocation.

Paval Sevyarynets/ Euroradio archive​

He was detained preventively on February 26. No trial for the opposition activist since initial detention.

Pavel Sevyarynets. Photo:

Pavel Sevyarynets, charged with disobedience to the police, will stand trial on Thursday.

Pavel Sevyarynets, his wife Volha and son Francisak in court. Photo: social networks

Opposition activist Pavel Sevyarynets gets 10 days in jail and thus is prevented from staging a rally on 9 September.

Pavel Sevyarynets. Photo:

The Belarusian Christian Democracy leader may have been detained preventiveky ahead of the 9 September protest.

Belarusian Christian Democracy party co-leader Pavel Seviarynets. Photo:

Activist Pavel Seviarynets is released after a 10-day arrest, says HIV positive people must be kept separately.

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The Kurapaty defenders today were invited to the Ministry of Culture.