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Paval Sevyarynets sentenced to 10 days of arrest for rally he did not attend

Paval Sevyarynets/ Euroradio archive​

Paval Sevyarynets has been sentenced to 10 days of arrest for the rally he did not attend. He was detained preventively on February 26 after leaving the house. Since then, the opposition leader was imprisoned without a trial. The trial took place on March 1st. According to human rights activists, the case was considered by the court of the Frunzensky district of Minsk. Sevyarynets was found guilty of calling for participation in an unsanctioned rally in support of political prisoners. The presiding judge was Hanna Buynouskaya.

Other detainees on February 26-28 were tried on Friday in the court of the Central District of Minsk.

An unauthorized rally on the Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk took place on the evening of February 26. It was attended by about a dozen people. Police did not detain anyone on the spot. Detentions began later.

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