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Activist detained in Kurapaty (video)

Pavel Sevyarynets. Photo:

Pavel Sevyarynets, member of the organization committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party, was detained by the police in Kurapaty on the afternoon of October 3. He is accused of disobedience to the police.  Kurapaty defenders stopped Svyatlana Dubkova’s car (director of the entertainment complex) near the entrance to the restaurant, Radio Liberty reports. She called driving inspectors. Sevyareynst was taken to Baraulyany police department at first. He is in a detention centre now. The politician will stand trial on Thursday.

Activists of political parties and civil organizations have been picketing the restaurant situated near Kurapaty since the beginning of June, 2018. The restaurant was opened next to the people’s memorial (innocent people were killed there in Stalin’s time). The activists demand to close down the complex. Pavel Sevyarynets has already spent 40 days in jail for the pickets.