Number of refugees from Ukraine to Belarus 46 times up against last year

In January-July 21014, 138 citizens of Ukraine applied to the Belarusian authorities for a refugee status or extra protection. There were only 3 such applications last year (none of them were satisfied). Euroradio correspondent found out in the Interior Ministry that all this year's applications are under consideration so far, there is no decision on them. 

Refugees in Belarus have aright for "temporary accommodation" and financial help for the sum of Br 150 thousand (one base fee). After getting an official refugee status, foreign citizens have the same rights as those who got the residence permit. The status of those who obtained extra protection is slightly different. They get a right for temporary accommodation and work.

Moreover, this year 2877 Ukrainian citizens got a temporary residence permit in Belarus, 1040 got permanent residence permit. Last year there were  4191 and 1811 such citizens correspondingly.

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