Several hundreds protest against car battery plant in Brest

Telegram channel “Belarus Of the Brain”
Telegram channel “Belarus Of the Brain”

People on Sunday protested against the car lead battery factory in Brest again. They gathered on Lenin Square for the traditional "feeding of pigeons", and within half an hour the flash mob turned into a rally. According to the Telegram channel “Belarus Of the Brain”, the number of participants was estimated at several hundreds of people. It was the largest rally since the “social parasite protests.”

The protesters first stayed in the square then walked in a group. The police in civilian clothes tried to detain some participants, but other protesters would not let the plainclothed policemen snatch them.

Even before the start of the rally, the police detained the blogger Alyaksandr Kabanau, then Ales Ablyak and two other people.

Before the weekend, one of the leaders of the initiative group, Dzyamyan Lepyasevich and Katsyaryna Basarhina were detained and placed in the temporary detention center. They will be kept in a detention facility until the court hearing on April 15. 

Also activists Iryna Silitskaya and Tatsiana Fesikava were subpoenaed to the police, The Brest Newspaper reported.

Protests against the construction of a battery factory near Brest have been held for more than a year. Local residents are convinced that such an enterprise will worsen the environmental situation in the city and its surroundings.