National Referendum signature collector arrested for three days

This testimony was given in court by the witness Zinaida Kazlova. According to the deputy chairman of the For Freedom movement Yury Hubarevich, reported by Radio Svaboda, the meeting did not take place either in reality or even in the protocol. However, judge Paulouskaya believed the words of the witness.

On October 28 Koshaleu was collecting signatures for the People's referendum in the dormitory of a vocational school in Vaupshasava street in Minsk. Deputy Director for the ideology of the institution did not particularly like it. She took the petitions away from the activist. 

The next day, the volunteer with politicians Andrei Dzmitryieu and Yuri Hubarevich decided to meet with the official to clarify the legality of collecting signatures and get back the signature sheets. But during the conversation the deputy director Kazlova again called the police who detained the volunteer and took him to the Partyzansky police station. There, on Koshalyova street, the police drew up ​​a protocol for violating the order of organizing and holding mass events. 

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