Mikola Statkevich may be forbidden to use cell phone and go abroad

Міколу Статкевічу могуць забараніць карыстацца мабільнікам і ездзіць за мяжу

Law enforcement officers have threatened Mikola Statkevich with blocking his phone account for not paying fines. He may also be forbidden to go abroad.


No phone and the threat of being forbidden to go abroad are not even real threats, Statkevich told Euroradio.


Mikola Statkevich: “It is difficult to scare me. However, I do not want to cause problems to anyone. Those who would like to become the leaders of the alternative part of our society should analyze their weak points. The authorities always start with your property.”

Statkevich has no property but he is worried about his wife property. The oppositionist is considering the possibility of moving out from her flat. But law enforcement officers may not easily find him then.

Statkevich suggested deducting the fines from his military pension but they refused. This is not allowed if the fines exceed 10 base amounts, law enforcement officers explained.