Mikhalok: Minsk authorities invited me back home

Сяргей Міхалок: Кіраўніцтва Мінгарвыканкама запрасіла мяне вярнуцца на Радзіму

Brutto frontman Sergei Mikhalok posted a video message online, where he spoke of a conversation with the officials about the concert in Minsk.

"Minsk City Executive Committee officials officially invited and were polite with our producer Anton, excitedly said Mikhalok. - They shook his hand and said that for a long time they had been waiting for Brutto to perform in the city-hero of Minsk. Me, Zelya (actress Svyatlana Zelyankouskaya, wife of Mikhalok - Euroradio) and Makar (son of Svyatlana and Sergei - Euroradio) we were invited to return to our homeland and work together to build a new democratic and European Belarus. We were checked by all the security agencies and departments, our texts and ideologies checked, and lo and behold, there is nothing wrong with Brutto, Brutto is a pure diamond."

However, Sergei noted that there are still 'people wearing glasses', who do not understand how important it is for today's Belarus to conduct a concert of his band. The musician thinks they should not to wait for orders from above and calls of the management, but simply put their signature and stamp on the necessary documents, because, he said, the Brutto concert in Minsk is unstoppable. Mikhalok also congratulated his fans on that.

Earlier it was reported that the documents for the performance of the musicians in the Sports Palace were filed on May 27. But the touring certificate has not yet been received.

Recently, the Minsk City Executive Committee did not allow a big concert, "Who do you love? I Love Belarus", which was planned for 25 March and which should have united Lavon Volsky and "Krambambulya", Neuro Dubel, Akute, Dzieciuki, Vinsent, Vuraj, "Krama" and other stars of the Belarusian rock scene. The official reason for refusal of the concert was "leaking ethylene", which happened at the Sports Palace as back as 21 of February. According to rumors, the same cause will be used to refuse Brutto to perform.