Syarhei Mikhalok

Photo: Euroradio
Photo: Euroradio
The conflict between the star musician and the prominent blogger resolves amicably.
Once blacklisted rocker Siarhei Mikhalok gathers full house at Belarus' largest concert venue, Minsk Arena.
Sziget, one of Europe's biggest open-air festival will celebrate 25 years on 9-16 August in Budapest.
Brutto will launch a new Double Hot on March 8 at Minsk's largest venue Minsk Arena.
Sergei Mikhalok will perform in the Minsk club Prime Hall on December 30, according to Brutto's producer Anton Azizbekyan.
After the gig in Homiel, has Mikhalok become part of the system his ‘revolutionary resistance brigade’ is struggling with?
BRUTTO frontman Siarhei Mikhalok described the gig as historical after the five-year period without concerts in Belarus.
Director Sergei Yarzhenkov says he tried to draw a path of former Lapis' spiritual quest.
The Brutto front-man shares with Euroradio the details of his upcoming gig in Minsk.